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Kiran is a Marketing and Accounting graduate from Australia with over 10 years of experience in various service industries. he has a successful entrepreneur history, founding a prior Airbnb servicing company called Service-Airbnb which grew exponentially over million dollars in revenue just in 1.5 years. He has successful business coaches and is part of a leadership program where he teaches as well as learns about entrepreneurship. He is looking to add value to consumers and service market. He is also a General Secretary of Swabhimaan Foundation,



Abiral is a young, dynamic and versatile entrepreneur with the mindset of business and giving back to the community at the same time. He has extensive knowledge of operating the multiple projects in an effective manner with positive attitude. He possesses a successful business background and is a proven leader. After his full experience for more than 7 years in doing business in Australia, he is now implementing his experience into Kaads Corp to create a better tomorrow for the next generation. He is also a Public Relation officer in the Swabhimaan Foundation.​



Dhiraj is an Accountants executive with over 10 years of experience. he is dynamic and highly successful entrepreneur running his own company and an adviser of multi-million dollar company. He has extensive knowledge of finance and economics.

He's also a passionate about serving the community through social entrepreneurship and helping many community organisations and here in Australia and as well as in Nepal. He's currently a Treasurer of the Swabhimaan foundation.​



Shamim is an IT and financial graduate from Australia with over 20 years of experience in managerial position and as well as building his own business and ventured into multiple startups in IT, property, finance and blockchain. He's also leadership and life coach and motivational speaker. Driven by his passion for bringing positive change in individuals. 

He attended various events with some of the world renowned life coach and entrepreneurs like Tony Robins, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr John Demartini and dozens more. 

His love and passion to serve the community has made him philanthropist. Actively participated in various community organisation and as well as NRNA and executed dozens of projects. Currently, he is the President of Swabhimaan Foundation.​